Tanker Series

Ship to Ship Transfer

Introduction to STS Cargo Transfer Operations

  • Topics
    • General Overview of STS Transfer Operations
    • Responsibilities and Control of Operations
    • Responsible Person In Charge Of Cargo Transfer
    • Training and Crew Competence
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Conditions and Requirements

  • Topics
    • Ship to Ship Compatibility
    • Compatibility Assessment
    • Additional Considerations For Vessels of Similar Lengths
    • Selecting a Safe STS Transfer Area
    • Local Authority Notification and Approval
    • Environment
    • Sloshing
    • Due Diligence Screening
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  • Topics
    • Risk Assessment
    • Contingency Plans and Emergency Response
    • Personal Protective Equipment and Life Saving Appliances
    • Prevention of Fatigue
    • Safety Checklists
    • Compliance with ISGOTT Guidelines
    • Cargo Physical and Chemical Properties
    • Gas Dangerous Zones
    • Helicopter Operations
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  • Topics
    • Language Agreed to be used for Operations
    • Establish Communications Early
    • Means of Communications
    • Ship To Ship Information Exchange
    • Ship To Support Vessel Communications
    • Navigational Warnings
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Operational Preparations before Manoeuvring

  • Topics
    • Joint Plan of Operation (JPO)
    • Preparation of Ships and Crew
    • Readiness of Support Vessels
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Equipment of Particular Importance to STS Operations

  • Topics
    • Fenders
    • Fender Considerations
    • Lines
    • Chocks
    • Mooring Winches
    • Miscellaneous
    • Procedures and Equipment to Facilitate Mooring
    • Cargo Hoses
    • Electrical Properties Criteria of Transfer Hoses
    • Hose Limitations, Flow Velocities, Pressure and Handling
    • Hose Length
    • Connection of Hoses
    • Quick Connect/Disconnect (QC/QD) Couplings
    • Deck Lighting General Considerations
    • Ancillary Equipment
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Manoeuvring and Mooring

  • Topics
    • Basic Principles and Guidance for Manoeuvring Two Ships Alongside Each Other at Sea
    • General Manoeuvring Principles
    • Passing Mooring Lines
    • Underway During Transfer
    • Two Ships Alongside Manoeuvring to Anchor
    • Vessel Manoeuvring Alongside with One Vessel at Anchor
    • Vessel Manoeuvring Alongside to a Vessel in Port at Terminal
    • Mooring Plans and Practices
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Cargo Transfer Procedures between Ships

  • Topics
    • Parties Responsible for Cargo Transfer Operations on each Ship
    • Cargo Loading and Discharging Plan
    • STS Cargo Transfer Plan
    • Connecting Cargo Hoses
    • Cargo Transfer Operations
    • Vapour Balancing General Considerations and Practices
    • Emergency Shut Down (ESD) General Considerations and Practices
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  • Topics
    • Completion of Operations
    • Unmooring with One Ship at Anchor
    • Unmooring from a Ship alongside a Terminal
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