A new eLearning system that surpasses the old “CBT” style of content delivery.
Spend less on training while your crew do more learning.
 Easy and simple to use.
Accessible anytime, anywhere.
 sEaLearn facilitates the efficient transfer of knowledge essential for
 improving performance and productivity and maintaining competence.


Learning Facility

Learning Facility

User Facility

User Facility – Progress Report

Administration Facility

Administration Facility

Why choose sEaLearn?

  • A choice of different pricing models that are competitive, providing savings without compromising quality.
  • Access to a comprehensive inventory of learning modules.
  • Modules are carefully designed to engage the learner and enhance knowledge transfer, by exploiting all multimedia options.
  • Extensive use of high quality graphics to assist learning, particularly for crew with limitations in language proficiency.
  • Continual development of new modules and updating of existing modules.
  • Detailed record keeping of crew progress, securely stored and backed-up.
  • Administration level access anywhere, anytime, to assist Competence Managers.
  • Highly responsive customer support.
  • Works seamlessly with all the HRIS elements namely, WMS5, iTEST and CASys, to provide a single point for data entry and retrieval.


ecoach idessit
Sustain student’s learning through online sessions.
ease idessit
Easy Authoring System for eLearning (EASE)
Convert your PowerPoint Presentations to eLearning modules.


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