• Learning Management System (sEaLearn)
    Learning Management System (sEaLearn)
    Competency Based Training
    for Seafarers
  • Learning Management System (sEaLearn)
    Learning Management System (sEaLearn)
    Competency Based Training
    for Seafarers


sEaLearn is a versatile Learning Management System for training seafarers, enhancing skills retention and supporting career development.

Online or offline, sEaLearn is accessible anywhere, any time, offering ship managers and shipowners implementation choice and robust administrative control.

sEaLearn is a long standing learning platform with a proven track record for delivering client-specific content.

A new version has now been released.

This new platform is designed to accommodate materials in various formats, from different providers, to give companies greater choice and flexibility in assigning learning resources to their employees.



Learning Management System (sEaLearn) Learning Facility

Learning Facility

Learning Management System (sEaLearn) User Facility - Progress Report

User Facility - Progress Report

Learning Management System (sEaLearn) Administration Facility

Administration Facility



The platform also delivers the following features:

Library of e-learning modules covering a broad range of STCW subject matter.

Dashboard facility for monitoring learning progress at the individual and fleet wide levels

Training Matrix for managing training, assigning tasks to groups or individuals, and setting targets/timelines

Secure levels of access for different users from top management to the individual seafarer.

Facility to upload company-specific documents, presentations, and videos.

Facility to upload third-party videos and e-learning materials.

Offline accessibility for when broadband access onboard is inadequate.

Reports and analytics facility customized as required by company's training management.

HTML5 compliant user interface and content.




Why choose sEaLearn?

A choice of different pricing models that are competitive, providing savings without compromising quality.

Modules are carefully designed to engage the learner and enhance knowledge transfer, by exploiting all multimedia options.

Extensive use of high-quality graphics to assist learning, particularly for crew with limitations in language proficiency.

Continual development of new modules and updating of existing modules.

Detailed record-keeping of crew progress, securely stored and backed-up.

Administration level access anywhere, anytime, to assist Competence Managers.

Highly responsive customer support.

Access to a comprehensive inventory of learning modules.

Training Management global access providing overview at individual, ship and fleet levels, for monitoring and managing crew training.