Learning Management System (sEaLearn) Learning Faciliry

Learning Facility

Learning modules are specific to STCW and other international industry standards as applicable.

Modules can be developed for any industry, process, equipment or company procedure where there is a need for rapid and accurate transfer of knowledge that will be retained by the learner.

High-quality graphics enhance learning experience and aid retention.

At the end of each module, the candidate takes formative assessment to assure effectiveness of learning.

Learning Management System (sEaLearn) User Facility - Progress Report

User Facility - Progress Report

Each individual can see their own learning progress.

It gives an overview of which modules they are currently enrolled to or which modules they are required to take.

The user can view results of their formative assessments for all learning modules they have undergone.

Learning Management System (sEaLearn) Administration Facility

Administration Facility

An individual’s learning progress is constantly monitored and tracked.

It maintains a record of training measured against company training matrix.

Different secure access levels are available and customizable.